Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute

Welcome to the PNCI Multimedia Server


This system has been implemented to provide a wide range of multimedia teaching aids directly to the classroom without the need of disks, tapes or other storage devices.






Use the menu items above to select the type of media you need.  If an item is not listed, you may make a request to include it via email to the person responsible for maintaining this service..


Video files are streamed from this server to the classroom in an advanced file format. Because of this, traditional DVD features such as menus and chapters are not available.  You may use the features of your video player application to control the video (Play, Stop, Pause, etc.)


Most items available on this system are protected under the copyright of the original authors and it is your responsibility to ensure that the terms of the copyright are being observed.  All of the media on this server has been authorized to be shown in the PNCI classrooms.